A Sweet Little Birthday for a Sweet Little Girl
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Thursday, June 15, 2017
By Jacqueline Van Lier
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Goodness how time flies!  As this lovely family prepares for Gigi's third birthday I realize I've never shared the sweetness of her second birthday.  Gigi's mom Alisha is a dear friend of mine, and what I love about her is her painstaking attention to detail.  On a scale of one to ten in craftiness, I rate myself about a four, but holy batman - check out these decorations - all handmade by Alisha!  And in the same theme, Alisha found a vintage (and HEAVY) carousel horse on Craigslist, and then proceeded to refurbish it completely and paint it herself.  She enlisted her hubby Ryan to bring it over to the studio, and between the three of us (on the hottest day of July), we wrangled it out of the truck, put a very exasperated and hot little two year old on it, and created some magic.  One day I'll show this family the outtakes from that day, because they still make me giggle a little just thinking about it.

So here's to blogging super late (better late than never), and celebrating this beautiful little girl's blessed life.  It's only a few months away, and I can't wait to see what her mom dreams up for the next birthday!

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